The AlphaClo App

Wear AlphaClo and track your fitness progress with the AlphaClo app. Muscle activity and vitals are measured and transmitted via Bluetooth from AlphaClo smart clothing to your smartphone or any accompanying devices. The app then analyzes and displays all of the data using a simple and clear interface that users will find easy to interpret.

Gain insight on how your body works with AlphaClo.

Receive Accurate Results

ALPHACLO® delivers more accurate and actionable data for patients to track and evaluate their rehabilitation progress.

ALPHACLO® features an intuitive interface that highlights a user’s progress history, goals, total activity time and other detailed analytics.

Improving People’s Lives

You can now work with your patient to set goals in terms of time, steps or distance and they will be ready to go. This is true for “prehabilitation” before surgery or for postoperative care. This appears to be true if they use a walker, have a short stride or walk very slowly. These devices, leveraged with other wearables, allow us to get closer to dosing activity as accurately and effectively as we might have once dosed a drug.”

Accurate data as you run

The mobile app monitors your foot landing, contact time on the ground and cadence, and tracks other familiar parameters.

Connect the app with heart rate monitors (HRMs) that communicates through Bluetooth Smart to also monitor your heart rate. Get detailed visualization of your activities right on the smartphone after your run.

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The official app will be soon available on Google Play Store

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