Monitoring Your Thigh Muscles

Thigh muscles are the largest and the most important muscles of your body. They are the reservoirs of your
blood glucose. The more thigh muscles, the better regulation of your blood glucose level and the more energy you consume.

Extremely soft textile sensors make your body feel comfortable all the time. The pants measure the overall
change in volume of your thigh muscles and display your muscle activity and the balance between your left and right leg.

Monitor the change in your thigh circumference and improve your health with AlphaClo.

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Accurate data as you run

The mobile app monitors your foot landing, contact time on the ground and cadence, and tracks other familiar parameters.

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Start Running With Virtual Coach.

ALPHACLO® Shorts combines the powerful data of a exercise lab with the personal attention of a coach to help you exercise your best.

The virtual coach cheers you up to keep you motivated, but also provides reminders when your exercise form falls outside of preset parameters.